Dana Tyrrell & Tom Holt

Close to Home: Work by Dana Tyrrell and PACo's own Tom Holt.



Dana Tyrrell

Dana Tyrrell is an artist, curator and writer living and working in Buffalo, New York. He is deeply engaged with the Buffalo arts community, serving as a Board member of Dreamland Arts Inc., and as a member of the Sugar City Curatorial Committee.

For more information about Dana, or to view examples of his work, visit https://danatyrrell.com.

Tom Holt

Initially from Carmel NY, Tom Holt has lived and worked in Buffalo since 2002. Tom likes to draw and always have. He also enjoy cats, skateboarding, and table tennis, but considers these all a form of sketching; it's Tom's way of feeling out life and seeing if he can render it for his own pleasure and understanding. Tom is a founding member and co-owner of the Pine Apple Company.

For more information about Tom, or to view examples of his work, visit https://tomholtdraws.weebly.com/.

Both artists can be found posting frequent musings on Instagram.

Mike West