Nicole Cooke


When There Is No Wind, Row: A Print Series by Nicole Cooke

When There Is No Wind, Row is a collection of letterpress prints by Nicole Cooke of Type & Resolution

Focusing on popular adages, Nicole’s series features two-color handset type printed over photos that were captured on black and white film and reproduced on paper suitable for the press. 

The process-based nature of Nicole’s work, combined with folk passages layered in bold colors over grayscale images, speaks to the passage of time and the building of resilience. When There Is No Wind, Row is a nod to our collective history, by a present day that looks toward the future with reverence.

Nicole is a letterpress printer, graphic designer and photographer working and living in the City of Buffalo. She is a member of the artist collective ShopCraft, as well as the Western New York Book Arts Center where she does all of her letterpress printing. 

Mike West