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This Way to the Secret Door: Cayetano Valenzuela

Black Rabbit Studio was created in 2011. I had been making and showing artwork in New York and around the country since 2001. After traveling around with my wife and finding all sorts of inspiration in old ghost signs, typographical ephemera and the aesthetic of the raw American landscape, we decided to begin making work that reflected that sense of handmade lettering as well as the illustrative character we had come across out there on the highways that carried us to the far flung corners of the nation. One of the places we came across out in the desert of Arizona was an old trading post on Route 66 that had this really cool hand painted billboard with a giant jack rabbit on it. That image of a black rabbit stayed with me and seemed to exemplify the spirit of America that I love and try to embody in all of my work. Whether for lettering, illustration, design or fine art, I mean to capture a well crafted and beautiful idea while maintaining the sense of humanity. Creating art that looks like it was made with my hands, always learning more and striving for greater and greater craftsmanship keeps me in pursuit of new ways to interpret ideas and forge new ground.

-Cayetano Valenzuela

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