Samantha Hensley

Humble Creatures: Illustrations by Samantha Hensley

Samantha Hensley.jpg

About the Show:
You shouldn’t hate the little nasty things. Or those massive unknowable entities, for that matter. They are doing their very best, like we are. Bugs are trying and the shadowy things in the forest are trying. They smell strange and they may not know love, or envy, but they hurt like anything else. They eat and are eaten. They wear little socks, maybe. Parasites and specters all trudging on however may limbs they have or don’t, to a place none of us can know.

About the Artist:
Samantha Hensley is an illustrator and sculptor from Kentucky. She mends together endearing yet unsettling creatures- lambs with many eyes, worms that seem to feel as we do, fuzzy things with strange sentience. She aims to test the tension between disgust and affection for things that cannot be understood. She is currently a BFA student at the university of Kentucky. Her creatures have been shown across the Southern United States.

She can be found on Instagram @samsketchbook.

Mike West