Kyle Tymon

Past Imperfections: Photographic Work by Kyle Tymon


This three-day pop up exhibit is part of a larger series called "Past Imperfections" by Buffalo-based photographer Kyle Tymon.

Past Imperfections uses an old, weathered Holga camera to capture stills as the camera intends. The images are scarred, oddly composed, and imperfect to what the school of classical photography looks like. The series references our past and how we are stuck thinking about instances that we cannot or will not remember every detail of.

Join us on Friday, July 26 at 7PM for an opening reception with the artist. If you can't make it on Friday don't wait too long. This pop up show will only be on display until 6PM on Sunday!

Be sure to follow Kyle on Instagram (@kyletymphotography) for a taste of what you'll find during Past Imperfections at Pine Apple Company.

Mike West